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About Our Team

Dr. Rick Dowell

Dr. Rick Dowell
"I just want them to stop."

Those were the words Dr. Rick Dowell told his mother over and over. For years and years. "Them" were the debilitating headaches that he'd suffered from for as long as he could remember. From endocrinologist to general practitioner. From neurologist to allergist. No one had an answer as to the CAUSE of his headaches. And so he suffered.

Until one day in college, Dr. Rick had to take his roommate to the chiropractor. Being a pre-med major, Dr. Rick had some preconceived notions of chiropracTORS and chiropracTIC. But Dr. Simmons opened his eyes about the science. And...along with the enticement of a bet...helped Dr. Rick get rid of his lifelong headaches in only 2 weeks!!!

"I always say that chiropractic picked me...I didn't pick chiropractic." said Dr. Rick, "I had the same misgivings and skepticism as a lot of my patients. But when Dr. Simmons was able to end my suffering...and I learned about all the ways chiropractic can be the foundation of a healthy lifestyle....I knew it was the perfect career for me. And I was right."

A Tar Heel born and a Tar Heel bred, Dr. Rick recently moved back to the Atlanta area in 2012 after practicing in Austin, Tx for over 10 yrs. His relentless desire to help his community fueled him to open Dowell Family Wellness in April of 2015.

Dr. Rick has been privileged to work with several professional athletes, expecting mothers, children, grandparents and everyone in between. You can regularly find him at various community health fairs, conducting ergonomics seminars for Fortune 500 companies, educating graduating nursing students about back safety and guiding his community towards a healthier lifestyle, naturally.

Sarah Janusz - Office Manager

 Sarah Janusz - Office Manager
Sarah Janusz is an Atlanta transplant from Chicago, Illinois where she grew up, met her husband, and received her Psychology degree at DePaul University. She has previously worked in administration positions in the legal and medical fields. As a Dowell Family Wellness success story, Sarah is a patient turned employee hoping to use her positive experience to help new patients of Dr. Rick.